Dr Rhonda Patrick Interview

Glad you found Dr. Rhonda Patrick's information worth learning.

As I mentioned in the email, she focuses on the following topics:

  • Magnesium is an essential nutrient far more important for energy creation than you might suspect. In fact, the nutrient helps the mitochondria in your cells, which in turn creates energy for your brain to use
  • Vitamin D helps to regulate the synthesis of a brain chemical called serotonin, which is often responsible for mood and feelings of happiness

My main takeaway was that:

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D. When I did a micronutrient experiment, I found (through 23andme and Genetic Genie) that I had a mutation, which made absorption even more difficult.

I started to take the NatureWise vitamin D supplement and I am no longer deficient. You can pick it up here.

Listen to it here.

Anyway, here are some more discussion topic notes:

  • [1:19] Energy related benefits of magnesium
  • [1:45] Oxidative capacity at the mitochondrial level
  • [2:33] Increasing mitochondrial mass (new mitochondria)
  • [4:48] Free oxygen radicals damaging mitochondria
  • [6:00] Athletes need more magnesium
  • [6:32] Supplementing with minerals – 400 mg/day recommended daily intake
  • [7:02] Magnesium center of the chlorophyll molecule
  • [7:52] 123 mg/day of magnesium is the most that can be absorbed
  • [9:17] Body confusing nutrients and using the wrong enzymes (yikes!)
  • [13:27] How vitamin D regulates serotonin synthesis
  • [17:24] How fast does vitamin D produce serotonin?
  • [19:10] How to tell whether you are vitamin D deficient
  • [20:27] If you don't have 30 ng/mL you're at risk
  • [22:35] Epigenetics and changes in gene expression
  • [24:00] Yellow mice gene study
  • [26:01] Neuro degenerative disease in rats
  • [31:25] How to find Dr. Rhonda Patrick