MCT Oil Compared to Coconut Oil

MCT oil is the hottest oil (no pun intended) in the fitness industry today. MCT stands for medium chained triglyceride and contain 6 to 12 carbon strings

So you now know what MCTs are, more or less. But what do they do? Medium chain triglycerides are one of the easiest fats for the body to absorb. In fact, because they are easy to absorb MCT’s are often recommended for people with malabsorption issues such as Crohn's Disease or Colitis.

Your body needs fuel and what better way to get fuel than through easily absorbed MCTs. Fat as fuel is IN. MCT’s may be consumed through whole food sources or in its pure liquid form. That’s right, these days you can find MCT oil sitting on the shelf of your local health foods store or by adding high fat foods such as grass fed dairy products like yogurt, whole milk, cheese and butter. Pay close attention to your labels here as skim milk and “low fat” dairy products may only contain trace amounts of MCTs.

What to do with MCT oil:

Add it to your morning coffee! “Bulletproof Coffee” is the trendiest morning beverage on the market. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil (find it here), along with your favorite coffee blend and maybe even throw in a few tablespoons of grass fed butter. Voila! Your daily dose of MCT is in your stomach and you’re body is beginning to break it down to use as fuel!

Blend it up with your favorite vinegar and spices for an easy full fat salad dressing. No bs. Made right in your own kitchen. This is a great option if you’re pulling off one of those fad diets like “the Whole30”.

Drench your pre-cooked veggies with MCT and salt. Use MCT as a finishing oil to add that extra punch of fat as fuel to your diet.

What NOT to do with MCT oil:

Look, we’re not going to stop you from using MCT oil however you like. However, we do not recommend using it to cook at high temperatures. You see, MCT has a low smoke point – 320 degrees Fahrenheit. By cooking MCT oil at temperatures above 320 degrees, you risk causing the MCT to smoke which is said to contain harmful free-radicals that can wreck your immune system.

MCT oil, is a quick an efficient way to get a dose of high fat fuel. Skip the supermarket and shop for medium chain triglycerides here.